Guide to Homeschooling in Georgia

If you consider yourself to live in the land of peaches and if you most likely feel overly familiar with Coca-Cola, we’re guessing that you live in the great state of Georgia.

If you do, in fact, consider yourself a Georgia resident and are also tossing around the idea of potentially homeschooling or online homeschooling your kids, let this blogpost be an introductory guide for requirements for homeschooling in Georgia.

The First Step: The Georgia Homeschool Law

The first step towards starting your homeschooling journey in Georgia is to familiarize yourself with the homeschooling law so that you can better follow its expectations. Be informed, know what your rights as a homeschooling family are, and also make yourself aware of responsibilities that will be expected of you. You can access the Georgia Homeschool Law via this link:

Requirements to Homeschool in Georgia: Filing

When you first begin homeschooling, you must file a Declaration of Intent through the Georgia Department of Education. You also need to fill out this form on a yearly basis to inform the state that you and your family have made the decision to homeschool. Basically, the Declaration of Intent registers your child as a homeschooler within the state of Georgia. 

Requirements to Homeschool in Georgia: Record Keeping

Once you have filed your Declaration of Intent, you must complete an Annual Progress Report yearly. While this form will not be filed anywhere, you are responsible for keeping it in your child’s personal educational records.

Requirements to Homeschool in Georgia: Other Expectations

  • Standardized Testing- Your homeschooled child must take a standardized test at the completion of 3rd grade and another standardized test must be taken at least every three years after that. 
  • Attendance- Your homeschooled child must complete at least 180 days of school. Once again, it’s recommended that you keep a record of these attendance days and keep this documentation in your child’s personal educational files.

Beginning an enriching educational journey begins with (first and foremost!) being aware of any and all homeschooling requirements in Georgia. Congratulations on taking the first step towards familiarizing yourself with these expectations! 

At Dailies, we educate students from a variety of states in the United States, and we would love to better support your Georgia homeschooled child with any or all of the above requirements. Just reach out to us- we’re here for you!

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