Guide to Homeschooling In Illinois 

If you currently live in Illinois (or are planning to live in Illinois) and are thinking about alternative schooling options for your family, you are in luck because Illinois is a very homeschool friendly state!

Getting Started

If you are planning to homeschool your child in Illinois, the only specific requirement is that certain subject areas be taught – and they must be taught in the English language. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) does not offer any homeschool programs; it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to research and decide upon which program is best for their child.

While this lack of state requirements might be exactly what some families are looking for, others may find the idea of designing and implementing their own curriculum to be a daunting task. Prior to making the official decision to homeschool, parents should reflect on their curriculum plans, available resources, and potentially observe some fellow Illinois homeschooling families – to see if they are truly ready to begin the journey.

After you have selected a curriculum or program for your family, you should inform your child’s current school that you will be withdrawing them to homeschool. This prevents your child from being marked as absent or truant. The easiest way to do this is by sending a letter, an email, or signing a withdrawal form. While the ISBE does not collect homeschool forms, you may be able to find a form available at your Regional Office of Education or Chicago residents can find one from the Chicago Public Schools. 

The Required Subjects

Illinois requires that an adequate course of instruction must be taught in the following subjects:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Biological & Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Development & Health

*The State Board of Education considers biological and physical science as one combined branch, and physical development and health as another combined branch.

Class Requirements 

There are no specific classes required for homeschooled students; you can choose additional specializations within each of the required subjects. For example, courses such as Algebra 2, Civics, British Literature, and Chemistry are all additional subjects that can be implemented into your homeschool curriculum. This is different from a public school, where certain classes would be required to graduate, whereas with homeschool you can choose based upon interests.

Schedule Requirements

Just as there are no specific class requirements, there are also no requirements for the number of school days or the length of a school day for those homeschooling in Illinois. Class can occur on any day and at any time. Although this freedom can almost seem too good to be true, it is recommended that you develop and maintain a consistent schedule for your homeschool program. Reaching out to your local school district is a great way to not only maintain a similar daily routine, but to get an idea of their calendar of events and closures. 

Additional Requirements

In addition to selecting the curriculum, all textbooks, testing materials, homework assignments, grade advancements, and additional record keeping materials are at the discretion of the family. It is strongly recommended that families keep detailed records of their homeschool program in the case that a child should re-enroll back into a traditional school. Online schools and universities may require students to take certain classes, these classes may or may not be part of the requirements in Illinois. Contacting an administrator or counselor is the best way to ensure your child is on the right track to graduate (and apply!) for post-homeschool life.

How Dailies Can Help

The thought of choosing the right program for your family can be overwhelming and that’s where Dailies steps in to help. We provide a full-class, research-backed learning program with customized support and feedback, and expert guidance on state-by-state legal and compliance issues. Whether you are looking for a full curriculum or just supplemental classes, camps, or tutoring, we are here to help guide students and their families through their entire school journey. 

Questions about our classes, our curriculum, our teachers, or our program in general? Please do not hesitate to reach out!

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