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We’re giving families the tools to take control of their children’s educational destinies. Great people like you can help make a difference for families across the globe.

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Why Partner with Dailies

Empowering Families

Educational peace of mind

Help parents take control of their children’s educational destinies while giving children amazing learning experiences.

Community Support

Earn commission on referrals

Refer clients to DailiesPods and earn commissions generated through your links or leads generated via other means.

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Amazing support

Gain access to awesome marketing collateral, custom landing pages, and one-sheeters to help your clients understand DailiesPods.

Engaging Virtual Classes

For PreK to 5th Grade

Children get to learn and explore together to in project based learning classes that engage and educate. They don’t just learn, they have fun while growing their confidence.

Engaging. Powerful. Social.

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Safe and

Easy to schedule and cancel

Earn Money

Free Class

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Refer Families to DailiesPods

Apply to the program below. Consider doing a free class as well.

Create an account on our portal, get your referral links and send them to interested families.

Earn commission as soon as they pay for their class, for the lifetime of the account.
Partners get paid weekly and you can view the total breakdown in the partner dashboard.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You might be, if you have access to one of the following:

  • Access to groups of parents.
  • Access to groups of HR professionals.
  • Access to stakeholders in Daycares, Charter schools, etc.

Entirely depends on the number of parents partners get on the platform.

– Cost per class varies on a few factors, but classes generally cost $15-20.
– Our average parent enrollment is three classes a week, ~$200 a month.
– The commission starts at 20% for the first 6 months. Then goes down to 10% for the lifetime of the account.

For example – 20% of the first six months of usage, is equivalent to around $240 for an average subscription.

You get paid via PayPal or Stripe.

Payments are verified and paid-out a week after the commission is earned. You will be paid weekly.

We encourage partners to take a class and trust theirs instincts. The first class is free!

That being said… We have highly qualified teachers working to create an individualized education plan tailored to the needs of every child in the pod. We match students with similar needs and group them to create a powerful lesson series designed to maximize your child’s learning.

As we further get to know your child, we adapt lessons based on their needs, interests, and abilities.We take the guesswork out of learning by providing you with weekly reports about your child’s learning progress, so if we notice your child is struggling with a concept we can intervene before its too late!

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