A Guide To Homeschooling in Florida

Families across the country choose to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons. Some feel let down by the school systems, others are looking for a more personalized education, for families that move often, maybe homeschooling is the best option to keep a consistent routine. Whatever the reasoning might be, whether you are a seasoned homeschooler or are just getting started, Dailies has you covered!

Getting Started with Florida Home Education

In Florida, homeschooling is referred to as Home Education, but it still defines exactly what homeschooling is; a parent-directed education option. Florida families who wish to homeschool are in luck, as Florida is a very homeschool friendly state. There are 3 different home education options and only 3 basic state requirements that families must adhere to while homeschooling.

  1. Parents must file a Letter of Intent with the school district that you reside in – this letter includes names, addresses, and birth dates of students who will be included in the homeschool program. This letter only needs to be submitted once per child.
  2. Annual Evaluations are to be turned in to the school district that you reside in – these evaluations are submitted once a year until the child has finished homeschooling either by graduating or by attending in-person school. Think of the annual evaluations as progress reports submitted and approved in order for homeschooled students to learn at the levels appropriate for them. 
  3. When you have completed your home education program, you must file a Letter of Termination – this letter is similar to the letter of intent, but instead states that the child has completed their home education program, whether by graduating or enrolling in a private/public school setting.

It is also important that parents maintain a yearly portfolio of their child’s work and progress; this can serve as documentation when applying to college or higher education and can also be used as examples during the annual evaluation. This portfolio must be kept for two years. 

Annual Florida Home Education Evaluations 

Annual evaluations are submitted every year until the student is finished with their home education. There are a couple of different ways that these evaluations can be done; parents may choose whichever method works for them. 

  1. A Florida certified teacher will evaluate the student’s progress after reviewing their portfolio and having a discussion with the student
  2. The student may take a national standardized test that is administered by a certified teacher
  3. The student may take a state assessment given at a local school during district testing 
  4. The student may be evaluated by a licensed psychologist 
  5. Another measurement agreed on by both parent and school district

Home Education With Dailies

Dailies School is a complete digital, personalized, all-in-one homeschooling program that helps guide not only students, but their families, through their school journey. The lessons and activities are thoughtfully designed by real teachers to ensure that your child is learning in a way that best suits their needs and interests while still meeting all age-appropriate requirements. For those who might still be on the fence about a complete home education transition, Dailies also offers small group instruction and 1:1 tutoring options that still demonstrate the Dailies experience while your student is attending traditional school. 

The Florida Homeschool Association can help answer state specific questions and Dailies.com can help answer homeschool and alternative education questions. No matter how (or where!) you choose to educate your child, providing them with a stable foundation to learn from is the most important aspect and these are wonderful resources available to help you get started!

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