A Guide to Homeschooling in Massachusetts

In recent years, homeschooling has gained popularity across the United States, including in Massachusetts. The questions for families who homeschool are shifting from, “Why are you homeschooling?” to “How are you homeschooling?” Luckily, Dailies is here to guide you every step of the way! We are proud to be compiling this list of blogs for each state; we’re honored that you’ve chosen us to help you get started on your homeschool journey. Let’s take a look at how to get started homeschooling in Massachusetts. 

Legal Requirements for Homeschooling in Massachusetts

Families are required to notify the school district of their intent to homeschool. This notification must be submitted annually and must include a plan outlining the subjects to be taught and the credentials of the parent or guardian overseeing the education. The parent or guardian who will be providing the education must have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. While school districts may vary, it’s best practice to include additional information about your curriculum program such as; textbooks, workbooks, and projects/assignments. 

Massachusetts Curriculum Requirements

There is no specific curriculum for homeschooling, but parents/guardians must include the following subjects into their program: 

  • English Language Arts: Reading, writing, literature
  • Mathematics: Arithmetic, algebra, geometry 
  • Science: Biology, chemistry, physics, earth/space science 
  • Social Studies: History: geography, civics, economics
  • Physical Education: Regular physical activity as part of the curriculum
  • Health: Instruction in physiological, mental, and emotional health

Homeschool Assessments and Evaluations

To ensure academic progress is being made, Massachusetts requires homeschooling families to participate in annual assessments or evaluations. Examples of such include standardized testing, a portfolio of work with a review by a certified teacher, or a progress report. The results of these assessments or evaluations are then submitted to the school district for review. Families should also maintain detailed records of attendance hours, should they be requested. 

Massachusetts Graduation Requirements

As the students approach high school graduation age, parents should ensure that their program meets state graduation requirements. Oftentimes, there may be specific course credits that must be met. If the homeschooled students are interested in pursuing a higher education degree, the earlier parents begin their research the better; this way the curriculum can be tailored to not only what their child is interested in, but what they need for future educational goals.

How Dailies Can Help

Homeschooling in Massachusetts provides families with flexibility and the ability to tailor education to individual student needs and interests. By understanding and complying with state laws, parents can create a solid educational experience that prepares their children for success. Dailies is an online educational platform ready to help families who are just beginning their journey and those who are looking for extra support. With a wide variety of programs and certified teachers, Dailies is confident that we can find the right fit for you and your family! 

Check out dailiespods.com today to learn more!

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