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when you choose where you choose how you choose what you choose 

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Earn when you want, where you want. Convenient messaging and scheduling happens on our secure platforms.

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Teach what matters with fun small groups of students.
Empowering Families

Empowering Families

Our reports equip parents with powerful insights. It’s having the time to report what matters most, to the people who matter most!

Community Support

Community Support

Enjoy the confidence that comes from having a passionate group of educators supporting each other with amazing tips and lessons.

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OUTCOMESBurnout, unbalanced,
and static.




OUTCOMES Exciting, balanced,
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Frequently Asked Questions

Growth Opportunities
Become a Teacher Leader, Affiliate Referrer, Teacher Referrer, and take advantage of open positions in other departments too. Dailies helps you earn in more than one way!
Sub Coverage
Have a planned trip or a last minute emergency? You have support in covering your scheduled classes.
Scheduling/Administrative Assistance
Parents do it all from their portal; no need to manage the logistics of scheduling with families!
Marketing and Growth Support
Take advantage of all the supports we have put in place to grow your enrollments- allowing you to make more in multiple ways!
Dailies sessions are real, authentic learning and teaching experiences. We use the Common Core State Standards as the foundation for our lessons combined with our DailiesPods Lesson Framework. No scripted lessons. No boring or forced conversations. Real authentic learning and student engagement. Our teachers want to be in our sessions just as much as our students! Our teachers have the freedom to be creative and tailor their lessons to their students’ interests and abilities. With the creativity and the small class sizes, our teachers are empowered to teach the way they always dreamed. Forget the politics of education, join Dailies where the sky is the limit. Our teachers have FUN teaching with Dailies!
What else do YOU get from Dailies? Not only do you get work/life balance and flexibility of working from home while making your own schedule, we also provide opportunities for growth. We take care of all of the administrative tasks, business and school operations, and parent concerns so that you can simply TEACH without all of the other demands on your time! You also get to take advantage of shared and complementary resources, class discounts, referrals, Dailies swag, and so much more!
We are aware that there are other virtual educational platforms out there, but we passionately and confidently know that we stand out above the rest.
We are an educational success partner. We are all about engaging students in real learning experiences with licensed teachers while providing parents the information they need to feel informed and make decisions about their child’s education. It’s the best of both worlds. We are built on parent involvement and student success. You get to build relationships with your students and their families-and retain those relationships for years! We provide enrichment AND core academic classes, as well as a full homeschool replacement, tutoring, social breaks, study halls, and more! We have a solution designed for EVERY family.
We also provide support to YOU. We promote YOU and enable you to be associated with a global brand and organization- and the benefits that all of that entails.
We believe our teachers are the best because they truly care about our students and our families. We start every session with a “Meeting Greeting” to introduce students to one another, check-in about the day and activate academic thinking. Our teachers are creative innovators who push the limits in their sessions. Our teachers think outside the box and challenge students to do the same. Our teachers have a heart for all students and families and meet them where they are. We are family supporters as we ignite a passion for learning in young minds!
We offer custom pod options for students with special needs dependent on student-specific goals. We have the freedom and capability to shorten lessons, provide sensory conscious lessons, and provide additional language supports for non-native English speakers. We partner with families to find the right fit and solution for their child! DailiesPods is not one size fits all… it’s custom and personal.
Sign up on our teacher portal and add your schedule time blocks. We encourage you to sign up for at least 3 different pods for the same time to provide consistency for your students and their families. For example, if you would like to teach a pod at 10:00 AM on Mondays, we recommend that you also teach pods at 10:00 AM on at least 2 additional days during the week. The times repeat on a weekly basis for ease of scheduling for all parties!
With many other educational platforms, you receive the training and may interact with a few other staff members initially, but you then perform the rest of your job in isolation. However, with Dailies, you consistently remain in a community of like-minded educators!
Not only can you communicate and participate in conversations with teachers via an app as often as you’d like, you also get to interact with teachers in our Monthly Teacher Meetings. Many of our teachers participate on committees of other tasks for Dailies, which also promotes social interaction! We also provide the opportunity for an educator book club, monthly Happy Hours, and so much more. It truly is astonishing how close-knit of a community we have, especially for living all across the globe!
As a Dailies teacher, you will inspire students as they discover and inquire about new content. You’ll provide support through relationships with students, devote time towards checking in with your students at the beginning of every session, and have fun by designing lessons that are interesting to you and your students!
You will also give genuine- evidence-based feedback to parents, work together with our teacher community to strengthen and empower all of our Dailies families, and be supportive of other teachers.
You will be asked to also participate in some marketing and social media initiatives (with support!)  to spread the word about Dailies to ALL who are interested!
Most importantly, you will MAKE THE DAILIES DIFFERENCE…one family at a time!

Ready to teach?

With Dailies, teach WHEN you want, WHERE you want, HOW you want, WHAT you want, and WITH a supportive community.

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