From YOU and ME, to WE

From YOU and ME, to WE

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share more about Dailies with you this week. In my previous post, last week, I discussed more of my motivation for joining the Dailies team and why I love education so much in general, but in this post, this week we are going to specifically focus on why I *love* Dailies.

There are honestly so many reasons why I. LOVE. DAILIES. We touched on my background in education and my love for my own kiddos in the last post which laid the foundation for my excitement in what we make here at Dailies.

I love Dailies because it’s all about ME (and as a parent, we know things are rarely about us…). It’s about my family, my friends, and my children’s teachers all being connected around MY kids. It’s about helping ME be a more involved parent and helping MY kids stay engaged in furthering their education (in a fun way). It’s about fostering a sense of joy in learning and providing ME with snapshots of my children’s progress. It helps ME take an active role in their learning even though I am busy with other duties of being a mom and a wife. Okay, I guess it’s actually not all about me… but rather FOR me. I can use Dailies whenever and wherever I want. I don’t have to be limited by physical distance or time of day. It fits around my family’s schedule and into our pockets. 

Me. Me. Me. 

The amazing thing is that it can be for YOU too. It’s a platform that is adaptive and engaging, all while being grounded in real educational content. It’s a learning experience that provides YOUR kids with bite-size lessons all while spending time playing a really cool (educational) game. It gives YOU the freedom to set limits, create REAL rewards, and foster REAL connections to your child’s education. It’s not some distant software that you download and they just do. It is all about YOU and the incredibly important role YOU play in your child’s life. 

Your kids love you, admire you, and seek attention and support from you (even if they don’t tell you). As a teacher, when there are children that are “attention-seeking” I always had the mindset that they aren’t actually doing things to get my attention (most of the time negative), they are seeking a relationship and deeper connection. Dailies bridges that and help build your relationship with your children around their education and understanding of individualized learning progress. Ultimately, you are the person responsible (and privileged!) to raise your little humans. I said it before and I will say it again… that raising kids is SO hard! I know. You know. We all know. Dailies is a tool to help lessen the load of balancing educational content with the relationship with your children. I love Dailies because it brings education back home and helps parents feel empowered to make decisions, gain insights, and support their child from a genuine position of care and encouragement. Dailies is bringing families together like never before and I want it to help YOU and your family as we revolutionize the educational systems. I want YOU to feel supported, loved, and confident in making the calls concerning your child’s education. 

Let’s work together to shift from YOU and ME (should be I, but it just didn’t have the same ring to it!), to WE.

From YOU and ME to WE. As a team, WE become empowered parents in OUR children’s lives. WE will be those champions and WE can make those decisions. I. LOVE. DAILIES… but I love FAMILIES more. I hope we can partner in bringing these two things together as we chart these uncertain educational tides and realize the gravity of our position in the world as parents. Dailies was made for YOU and ME (music note emoji).

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