Jessica Shelley

Jessica Shelley

Jessica is an experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working with elementary-aged children in the general education classroom and as a district math specialist. She is the mother of 4 and currently lives in Mississippi with her family. She uses her experience as a teacher and a mother to support both parents and teachers with instructional strategies that they can do at home, or in the classroom. She brings a light-hearted approach to the complexities of education in the United States and genuinely wants to support families in their efforts in supporting their children to attain educational success! She is here to lend a “real” voice to the challenges that teachers and parents are facing with education and she looks forward to being a source of encouragement to both parents and teachers as they support our nation’s youth.
Dailies Table

Come Sit at Our Dailies Table

Wow, things sure have been cooking at Dailies.  With DailiesPods, we have been focused on creating authentic learning experiences for students. Truthfully, I wasn’t on

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