Fun Holiday Break Ideas!

Holiday Fun

And just like that the school holidays are here! It’s my favorite time of year!  This is always an adjustment for kids to get out of the school routine and into the home routine. I personally always look forward to the later morning starts and getting out of our normal everyday routine. Getting out of the normal routine also leaves time for kids to be bored (in a good way) and not always constantly entertained. I created a fun list of things to do over the holiday break at home! Enjoy!

Inside Ideas:

1. Make an ant farm

2. Bake a cake, cupcakes or brownies

3. Make a fort

4. Have a playdate

5. Make personal pizza

6. Have a dance party 

7. Be a mime

8. Create a obstacle course

9. Be a circus act

10. Pretend play and dress up 

11. Pretend you are on the moon or exploring planets in a rocket

12. Go on a scavenger hunt

13. Donate unwanted toys 

14. Make paper airplanes

15. Write a letter

Outside Ideas:

1. Make an outdoor fort 

2. Experiment with dropping eggs 

3. Picnic

4. Make a garden 

5. Make an outdoor obstacle course

6. Hide and seek or tag

7. Blow bubbles 

8. Outdoor scavenger hunt

9. Pretend play outside 

10. Go on a walk

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