5 Ways to Prepare your Child for Homeschool

5 Ways to Prepare your Child for Homeschool

Not all homeschool programs and curriculums are created equal. Before starting to homeschool, always be sure to check out reviews from other parents, the credentials of their teachers (and if they give you access to a teacher), and be sure their curriculum is research-backed and aligned to real standards!

Did you find a great program and now you’re ready to get started?

Here are 5 ways to prepare YOU and YOUR CHILD for the transition to homeschooling:

  1. Get excited! With a new school year comes new friends, learning experiences, and adventures. Homeschooling has so many great benefits and doesn’t have to be isolating. Utilize friends, resources like Dailies, and other free resources in your community to build out your full program (libraries, play groups, etc.).
  2. Get organized! Set up a learning space in your home with the needed materials for class. Homeschooling should support independence as children progress through the school year, so having the dedicated space and materials will help foster that from the beginning. 
  3. Set a routine! One of the most challenging things for students going back to school or starting school is getting into a new routine. The first few weeks will take some adjusting so be patient with your child as you get them into the hang of things those first few weeks.
  4. Double-check your state requirements! Do you need to keep an attendance log? A portfolio? Need help in finding your state requirements? Dailies can help you navigate the homeschooling paperwork and documentation. Please reach out if you are unsure of what you need to track for the upcoming school year so we can help you be organized and ready to go!

Reach out for help! Dailies is here to support you with anything from tips on setting up your workspace to creating visual schedules/routines. If you notice your child struggling with adapting to school, please let us know and we would be more than happy to help!

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