Creating an at Home Learning Space

Creating an at Home Learning Space

Creating a special at home learning space for your child will help set them up for success. Virtual learning is the future and present for the upcoming generation. Here are some suggestions to help you set up a learning space in your home for your child to study, do homework, or attend online virtual classes like our classes at Dailies.

Location, Location Location 

Most children thrive in a quiet and non-distracting space. A spare room or their bedroom could be good options of places where they can learn. If they enjoy a little background noise or need to be supervised, consider choosing a spot in the kitchen or near your office if you’re working from home. If there are several location options, you can have your child try each one to see which works best for them.

No Distractions

Have your child turn off all other electronic devices. If you have more than one child learning at the same time, put them in separate spaces. If there are other children in your home that won’t be learning at this time, it is best to put your learners in a separate location where they won’t be distracted.

Comfy but Not Too Comfy 

Choose a chair that your child can comfortably sit in for long periods of time. A desk or table that can keep their books, computer/tablet and other learning supplies is one idea. I always recommend not using a bed as a learning space. You do not want your child to fall asleep during their learning. 


Good lighting is so important with virtual learning; it help makes your child visual to his/her teacher and classmates. You can use natural lighting from windows and/or light from lamps.

Easily Accessible Supplies 

I always recommend having the basics of easily accessible supplies. It’s best to make sure they are just used for that space. The basic supplies would be pencils, coloring tools, paper and scissors (if your child is at an age to safely use them). Help your child keep their space organized and clutter-free. You can even use incentives or small prizes for if they successfully keep their space clean.

Learning Space Decor 

Displaying your child’s schoolwork is a great way to make the work space a positive learning space. You can hang decorations or an encouraging quote on the wall to also make the area special. 

Device & Camera for a Virtual Class 

You can use a desktop, laptop or tablet with a camera. It’s best to practice camera angle so your child can see if they are in camera view. Ensuring your child is in camera view will give them the most successful class.

Mute & Unmute 

Teaching your child how to unmute themselves will set them up for success. In many virtual settings, like our Dailies classes, the teacher may mute the class and then ask a student to unmute when it is their turn to participate. You can practice this on Zoom by showing your child where the button is located and how to press it. 

I hope you find these suggestions help you create a great learning space for your child.

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