The Gift of Education

Gift Of Education

We all come into the world leaving inspiration onto the space we exist in. We make dinner in this space, we read to our children in this space, we dance, we sing, we teach. We as humans absorb one another’s patterns, ways, and habits in this natural order of life.

A memory rushes to my heart and mind of a time I was stretching my body, and my son, 11 months old at the time, smiles at me and mimics the exact movement. Come to see the next morning, this impression was still remaining, as he wanted to do the exact same stretch. I think of a time when I saw with my own eyes, my husband measuring the flour, cracking an egg, rolling it out, and boom! Delicious pasta! The impression it left with me – I will never forget how inspired I was by these simple ingredients.

Sitting with the thought of impressions had me thinking of the holiday season, a time when we might have the blessed opportunity to be with loved ones, old and new, the increase in connections, “impressions” if you will, and moments that come about during these seasonal reunions, gatherings, etc.

I know that for some, around this time, a gift might be given, exchanged, and shared.

When we think of gifts, we might not consciously think of the domino of impressions that can ripple. Which, then had me thinking…giving the gift of education supports the most ripples of all!

Multiple touch points are accessed when giving the gift of education, and it is for this expansive reason that I feel giving a gift of education is the perfect way to share that heartfelt “domino effect” this season.

Below I will share the 5 touch points that I find, that the gift of education inspires:

  • The student in the now
  • The student in the future
  • Build positive teacher- student rapport
  • The excitement to learn
  • Sharing that excitement with others                                                                                                                                                                         

 The student in the now- The student in the now experiences the gift of education in the present moment of live class. I know speaking for myself as an educator at DailiesPods – each class with my students is so enchanting and educational, truly, they’re one of a kind.

The student in the future- The student in the future leaves inspired, curious to learn more, educated, proud, self-fulfilled, heard, and seen. This achieved electric energy from a wonderful class is usually one to be shared, say, the student then goes to share with friends this amazing class where they are learning so much. The joy is passed and shared – continuing the ripple of impact.

Build positive teacher-student rapport- Speaking from my heart and experience as an educator and student, (as I am a graduate student myself), I can say that the special joy of a well-nourished teacher and student rapport is an honor and can last generations of lifetimes. When students feel comfortable to learn, and the teacher is comfortable to teach; it is symbiotic, expansive, and easy. It allows for an environment of confidence, inquiry, silliness, understanding, listening, and voicing one’s opinions, which can become the pillars of life, learning new things, asking questions, taking intelligent leaps and bounds, and feeling intelligently confident.

The excitement to learn- Learning is fun! It is beyond satisfying and useful to learn new things and challenge oneself, and mind. The world is full of wonderful things to learn about, and it is so exciting to think of the possibilities of learning new skills, or what that journey might look like to uncover something you did not know.

Sharing that excitement with others- Following suite from above, what might be one of the first things we do as humans (and of course, students), WE SHARE! It is most natural for us to want to share with others when we experience a positive class or learn something new.

These 5 touch points only brim the surface.  The ripple of education is boundless and timeless, and in summary, it truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Similar to how the impression of flour and egg coming together to become the best noodles known to me, or that my morning stretches can inspire my toddler, giving the gift of education can leave one’s mind, heart, and soul impressed and inspired for lifetimes.

Who knows, maybe now, when I share that pasta recipe with my students, they will share it with their family, and their friends. The ripple will continue, and one day too, that student, that friend of a student, that family member of a student, will be sharing a gift of education with someone they love. 

So I pose, why not leave a noble gift, such as a gift of education; to ripple for the one(s) you love?

Connecting the story to DailiesPods, it is my honor to share that DailiesPods offers a very thoughtful Gift of Education holiday promotion. When you purchase a gift card and apply it to your account for your plan renewals or add-on classes, Dailies is matching that to provide you with an additional, equal-value gift card, that you can share with a friend or family member, or donate it to the Dailies Scholarship fund.

If this rings the bells in your heart and mind, and you would like to learn more please check us out at;, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out through live chat on our website.

Thank you so kindly for taking the time to read this article, I hope it left you inspired and impressed, and hopeful to share The Gift of Education.

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