Homeschool Financial Aid Options: Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants

Virginia K12 Learning

If you’ve been following along with our blog series on Education Scholarship Accounts, we are pleased to welcome you back and excited to share about another financial aid opportunity that is available to ALL students, regardless of education setting. 

The state of Virginia has expanded upon other state’s model of ESAs and introduced the K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant. This grant has set aside a total of $30 million for families to overcome challenges that have become present since the pandemic. This grant program is available to all school-age students who have not yet graduated from high school. 

While Dailies does not have any specific requirements, we do follow the basic criteria that must be met for families to apply;

  1. The child must reside in Virginia
  2. The child must be of school-age
  3. The child must not have graduated

Currently, Dailies offers classes for students in all 50 states, through the age of 5th grade, so these 3 criteria are very easy to meet! More information on the application process can be found on the Virginia Department of Education website. 

But what can the Virginia K-12 Learning Grant be used for? As previously stated, this grant is for students in any education setting, not just homeschooled students, so there is a wide range of options. The grants have been used for small group classes, tutoring, and education therapy. 

Specifically, the grants have been approved for:

  1. Tutoring: 1-on-1 or small group classes virtually or in-person
  2. Education therapies including speech and language instruction
  3. Assistive Technology: the use of devices or services used either virtually or in-person

Whether you are focusing on specific core subjects, supporting neurodivergent students, or attempting to prevent “the summer slide”, this grant is a wonderful new opportunity for all students to thrive in any school setting. 

We know that not all of our Dailies students live in Virginia, so be sure to check out our other blog posts that talk more about financial aid programs in other states!

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