Responsive Classroom in Dailies Classes

Responsive Classroom in Dailies Classes

By Courtney Moore

Responsive classroom is an evidence based approach to teaching that focuses on building community and positive interactions. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an important part of Dailies classes and is used throughout the whole lesson. At Dailies we know that forming relationships must come first in order for learning to happen.

The first aspect of Responsive Classroom that we use is “morning meeting”. Even if your child’s class is not in the morning, it will always start with a group meeting. This is a chance for the students to greet their classmates, share something special, complete a fun and quick activity, and read an engaging message to start class off on the right foot! This time in the beginning of class is so important for building trust and relationships.

Another aspect of Responsive Classroom that Dailies believes is important is energizers. This is a time for students to get a break from learning and energize their brain. You may have heard energizers called brain breaks- they are the same thing!

Energizers we love:

  • Freeze dance
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Simon says
  • Follow the leader
  • Dance along videos
  • Red light, green light

Lastly, we believe it is important to end our classes with a closing circle. All students have an opportunity to share the work they made during class and as well as see what their classmates created. This ends class on a great note and makes them excited to attend their next class! 

Some may think that virtual learning takes the relationships out of teaching, but we are here to prove that wrong!

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