Homeschooling Requirements and Laws

Homeschool Laws

What You Need to Know About Homeschool Requirements and Laws

One thing you’ll need to know when starting to homeschool is what the requirements and laws are in your state. As a part of the Dailies Educator Team, I have become very familiar with the expectations for each state. We partner with our families to show proof for each of these requirements as part of our DailiesSchool program (click here to get more information on our DailieSchool program).

The requirements could have an impact on your homeschooling plans. There may be different requirements about what records you need to keep, how to withdraw from public school, testing needed, and mandatory areas of study.

Here’s what you should know about homeschool requirements and  laws:

Following Homeschool Laws is Necessary

In many states, ignoring the homeschool laws and requirements outlined by your state can make you truant and each state sets its own consequences. 

Choose a Solid Source

Do your research. I’ll share a resource I have found very helpful. 

HSLDA – They keep up to date state regulations. You can find your state here.  

Every State Has Different Homeschool Requirements and Laws

The homeschool laws can be completely different in each state. It is important that you are familiar with the laws in your state.

There is a Lot of Incorrect Information on the Internet

When looking online to find what the homeschooling requirements are in your state, you might come across lots of misinformation. Homeschool curriculum companies, social media groups, and other groups will give out information about homeschool laws and may get it wrong or have expired information.

It is Your Choice and Right to Homeschool

It is legal to homeschool in every state in the United States. Even though some states have strict homeschool requirements and others have light requirements, it is your choice and right to homeschool. HSLDA and states with organizations work hard to make sure that you can continue to homeschool. Programs like our DailiesSchool program help support families with this process.

Make Homeschooling Fit For Your Family

It is important to follow the homeschool requirements in your state but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the flexibility homeschooling gives! Be creative and make it fit your family’s needs and wants!

Overall, it’s important for us to do our research and find credible resources- Happy homeschooling!

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