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Wow, things sure have been cooking at Dailies.  With DailiesPods, we have been focused on creating authentic learning experiences for students. Truthfully, I wasn’t on board with the Pods idea from the beginning because I was more concerned with equity and access for ALL families;This idea of supporting families is the whole reason why I joined Dailies and I felt like the learning pod structures I had been reading about were very “exclusive” and geared for only the “elite”.

Growing up, my family moved around a lot and I made lots of friends in varying areas. We never really stayed in the same school for longer than 2 years so I got really used to “being forced” into “trying” to make new friends. As you may remember from previous blog posts, school was the place where I knew I could be myself and a place where I pushed myself to succeed. It was a place where I could make my own destiny, my own friends, and my own safe community… no matter where we lived. 

Thinking back, the social part was very challenging to navigate because everyone always seemed to have their own friend groups with the kids they grew up within the different neighborhoods. Although I was “good” at the learning stuff, it was really hard to find where I could fit into the different social groups. I wouldn’t label myself as an outcast, but just that I look back on my school career and I would say I have maybe one really great friend from that time that I still talk to semi-regularly. 

As I became a teacher, I noticed the kids that didn’t have friends to eat lunch with (and invited them to eat lunch with me!). I noticed the kids that played by themselves on the playground. I noticed the kids that “chose” to work independently because they didn’t have a reliable partner or buddy in the class.

I also noticed the kids that shared these same observant superpowers from a young age as they sought relationships with these students. I noticed the kids that would lend a red crayon when they also needed it to finish their beautiful picture of a fire engine or apple. I noticed the kids that asked other kids to play with them at recess. 

I noticed the kids that invited other students to sit at their table.

Now, as I engage with families, children, and teachers, I invite you to sit with me at my table. Let’s work together. Let’s talk about life. Let’s become friends. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have been through. Sometimes we just really need connection. In a time that seems so disconnected… I would love for you to join me as we talk and share stories about our families, our children, education, and life. 

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