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Unlock personalized learning for your child through our application and family interview process. We ensure that each child is enrolled in the educational program best aligned to their educational goals and preferred learning styles.

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“He is always looking forward to the class.  He always has stories to tell after the class. The ease of enrollment was really pretty simple. He talks about all of his friends by name from class.”
– Ashwini  
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“He got the focused attention and that has really helped him develop. He loves his teachers. I don’t know where you found them but they are WOW.”
– Annie B.

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“She is just so much happier as a kid and she talks about what she learns in class and we are able to incorporate it through our day. It really changed our lives.”
– Karima I.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will hear back about your application within 24 hours.
To expedite your application, please schedule your Family Interview.
School begins Monday, August 14th, 2023 and goes through May 17th, 2023
The school year is comprised of 4 9-week quarters with a week break between each quarter.
During your family interview we will get to know you and your family.
We will ask about your child’s current progress, goals you have for them, goals they have for themselves, and about their interests. We will also be available to answer any questions you may have about the program.
Based on the information provided during the interview, we will design the best learning plan for your child and match with the best teacher for them for the upcoming school year!
We offer a variety of learning plans depending on how much support your child may need.
Learning plans start at $510 per month for our full program.
During your family interview, we will discuss learning plan options and provide recommendations based on your child’s previous learning experiences and the goals you have for them.
To apply, click here.
Additional discounts for siblings, quarterly, and annual payments are available.
Personalized learning with Dailies means that we tailor your child educational lessons and experiences to be optimal for their unique needs!
We realize every person learns differently and has different preferences so we build your child’s class around them to create a powerful support system of peers, a dedicated teacher, their family, and added educational advisors if needed.
You will get daily progress reports detailing your child’s progress and goals, meaning that there is no wasted time in taking action to help your child to continually move forward. Our program is adaptive and interactive so we get to know your child and design lessons that are engaging and interesting to them.

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