Hi, I’m Jessica, one of our founders here at Dailies.

As mother of 5, I know how challenging it is to balance life with the demands of keeping up with your child’s schooling… and that’s coming from a former public school teacher! We started Dailies with the mission to provide access to the highest quality education to ALL families.

When my son was hospitalized a few months after he was born, the administration at my previous school told me that there was no good position, let alone a teaching position, within any district that would be appropriate for a mother with a medically fragile child.

I was crushed and devastated.

As I continued to pour myself into my teaching career, focused and committed to do what was best for my students and their families, I only became further disappointed. A consistent lack of support in doing what was best for my students made my question if teaching was truly the best fit for me. I turned this frustration into passion and quickly came to the realization that my own family is and must always come first.

Even though my experience is limited to one district, I know that they all operate in similar ways. Curriculum and learning experiences are designed to facilitate learning to the masses, with limited support for students above or below the curve. It’s not focused on what each individual child needs in order to be successful; the system is not created with the individual student in mind. Parents are left out, kids are disengaged, and districts are struggling to adapt to individual student needs.

That’s why I created Dailies.  To make sure that our children get the very best education out there. One in which the focus is on every individual child doing their best, where children are engaged and parents are in the loop. Not only that but we focused on ensuring that all parents have support from highly qualified and certified teachers with a passion for helping families. My children take classes with Dailies, from the comfort of our own home and not once have I been fearful about him attending classes. He has made friends, has an incredible relationship with his teacher, and still gets to be himself.

At Dailies we go above and beyond for families because we believe in the power of connection, support, and authenticity.

Dailies started as a solution for my family but has helped thousands of families now as well.

We can’t wait to meet you and your family soon!

With care, 

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