Dailies for Teachers

Need Extra Help in your Classroom?

We partner with teachers to provide access to a certified teaching partner to help you plan, teach, and track learning progress.

Your Students Need Support

Get Quality Classroom Support

We provide a certified teaching partner to help you with small group or 1:1 instruction.
We share data and learner insights from our session with recommendations about next steps.
We partner with you to help ensure academic success for every student in your class.
For Educators

What You Get


Strategic Support

Additional support from a certified teacher to help you plan, teach, and analyze student learning data.


Powerful Insights

We share insights with you from every session we have with your students. You’re always in the know!


Dedicated Support

A dedicated support team of real educators supporting your learners and teachers inside AND outside the school day.

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Let's Talk

Some Common Questions From Teachers

Simple. To get started, you’ll meet with a member of the Dailies team to discuss your current needs.

When we connect, we will work together to determine which service(s) are best fit for your students.

A Dailies member will then connect with anyone else on your grade level team or within your school building to develop a cohesive school or grade level plan. We encourage you to discuss this program with your colleagues so the program can be most successful and impactful for you and your students!

Dailies will then get final confirmation from administration and start supporting you and your team.

Onboarding is handled by the Dailies team, with just simply sharing your class roster and teacher information. Since students are linked to their teacher for transparent data reporting, we will get your classrooms up and running within 48 hours.
After students have been added, you will let us know which students will be participating in which program as determined from your “Getting Started” call and we will match them to the ideal Dailies teacher based on their schedule and needs.
That’s it!
*Custom onboarding and integrations with LMS available soon
All Dailies teachers are hand-selected with your school and students in mind. Our teachers are highly qualified certified educators within the United States and are passionate about creating an equitable educational experience for each of their students. We tailor instruction to fit the needs of the students in each of our small group tutoring sessions, so you can be sure that they are being matched to the teacher best fit for them.
Additionally, we have certified Special Education, Reading Specialists, and endorsed ESOL teachers on staff as well if you are specifically needing support with building or supporting programs in any of those areas within your school/district.
Student data is tracked in a secure data profile unique to the individual student. This information is not accessible or shareable by the student or any other students, families, or teachers.
This data is shared only with each child’s Dailies teacher, you their traditional classroom teacher, and parents (optional) to ensure that all stakeholders are updated on what the child is working on, how they are progressing, and any continued areas of weakness that should be addressed.
Yes! We have certified Special Education, Reading Specialists, and endorsed ESOL teachers on staff if you are specifically needing support with building or supporting programs in any of those areas within your classroom, school, or district.
Since each student progresses at different rates, our small session sizes and additional access to real certified teachers when they need it is incredibly valuable to their overall success.
We don’t cut corners by providing just “homework help,” we go the extra mile and actually teach your students AND share all data from our sessions with you. We stand behind the data and continously work to improve systems if students are not adequately progressing.
To date, we have a 100% success rate of students performing at or above grade level with 1 year of working with us. We want to bring that to your school as well!
We will work with you to make adjustments to ensure that your students are progressing at high rates- guaranteed!
We see ourselves as an extension of your school community and truly partner with you to see your students succeed.
We are data-based AND intentionally partner with you to become an extension of your school with providing real certified educators to your students, in and out of the classroom.
What we are NOT:
– High school or college tutors
– Homework help (although we use these opportunities as teaching moments)
– Chat or text based education support
– A video library of “lessons” curated for your school
– Reliant on students to ask for help
What we ARE:
– Real certified educators with decades of experience in the traditional classroom
– Data based interventionists that use data to inform what we work on with your students
– Proactive practioners- we don’t have to be asked what to do, we know already based on data and interactions
– Support system for you, your colleagues, students, and families
– Interactive and authentic- building relationships with families, students, teachers, and administrators