Dailies- What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?


Why is it called Dailies?

Simple: Learning happens daily.

At Dailies, we believe that learning doesn’t happen only from September through June, but rather that learning is something that we all do every day. This is the key part, all.

We are committed to designing learning solutions that help facilitate daily learning, after all that is how we learn things when we are “grown-ups” anyway. But, we also take that one step further by designing products and services that help facilitate parents learning about their child’s progress daily too! 

There are a lot of questions and conversations around the role of education and the structure of traditional school. We encourage kids to learn daily but are we checking in on progress daily? Reporting to parents daily?

Honestly, as a mom of 4 this is my favorite part! The fact that I don’t have to wait 8 weeks for a progress report or 4.5 months for a conference to hear about how my child is progressing and if there is anything I can do to support each of my kids at home too. If my child is struggling with the letter “u” or the sight word “there”, I can do things throughout my day to help reinforce these as they get brought up.

This is what we do at Dailies. Provide parents with the daily insights they need to support their child’s success while also personalizing and adapting learning experiences based on the individual child’s goals and learning needs. 
Learning and growth never stop.

Learning happens daily.

What will you learn today?

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