Tips on Making Learning Fun

Learning is Fun

Making learning fun can change the way your child views learning for his/her entire life. Keeping kids engaged can seem challenging; however, here are some ways you can make learning and education fun and interesting for your child.

  • Plan your day 

Having a plan will set you up for success. This will help you pace learning so that it works best for your child. You can plan breaks where they are needed and pick the time of day when your child is most receptive to learning.

  • Give Your Child Choices

Many children do not get to make choices regarding their learning. It’s great to give your child input and options on their learning. Giving kids the power to choose helps them become more engaged and committed to their learning. Allowing them to pick the learning activity that goes along with their learning is also beneficial.

  • Gamify Learning

Games are a great way to add instant engagement and fun to learning. This makes learning fun and can be used in so many areas. You can use a game for review of a subject or practice. Winning a prize in a game can also be a great incentive.

  • Group Learning

Learning together and from peers is a great way to learn. Children discovering and solving a problem together is so much more memorable than reading out of a book. 

  • Movement based learning

Moving while learning with action can help children remember information. It is also helpful to get up and move in between learning activities. Moving can stimulate their minds.

  • Hands-On Learning

Using hands-on learning activities can be a fun and engaging way to learn. This gives children a visual and interactive way to review the topic they are learning.

  • Field Trips

Learning outside the home and classroom can make learning memorable. This can give children a real view of a topic, animal, area, profession and so much more. This can provide great learning opportunities.

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