Random Acts of Kindness Day

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day from DailiesPods to you!

The Purpose Behind Random Acts of Kindness Day

While this holiday has become increasingly popular in recent years, you might find that you don’t yet know the specifics behind what this day represents. You might be able to guess from the name what this day is all about, but fear not, today’s blogpost includes some interesting information about this important holiday as well as some ideas for making it the best Random Acts of Kindness Day yet!

The idea behind this holiday is the intention to make the world a better and brighter place through even the most simple of words, actions, and gestures. Through helping someone out, complimenting them, showing your appreciation for them, or even making their day better in any single, small way- it all goes!

The History of Random Acts of Kindness Day

This holiday was first created in Colorado in 1995 by a small nonprofit organization called the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. From there, it spread to New Zealand in 2004, and has since been celebrated in many, many other locations!

Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

While your child can do anything that is considered “kind” on this day to celebrate, here are some suggestions that might help to inspire their actions today.

  • Run an errand for someone else
  • Donate to an animal shelter
  • Compliment or smile at a stranger
  • Let someone else go before you in line
  • Help someone carry their things
  • Donate things you no longer need
  • Bake a delicious treat to give to your neighbors
  • Call a family member who lives far away
  • Do an extra chore around home
  • Read a book to someone younger
  • Pick up litter outside
  • Write a positive message with chalk on the sidewalk
  • Write or email an encouraging note to someone

Make It Random Acts of Kindness Day Every Day!

While we are all a bit more intentional about being kind to others on this special day, remember that you don’t have to wait for this one and only day to make a difference in someone else’s life. You can be kind any and every day! Make kindness the norm!

At Dailies, our teachers incorporate social-emotional learning and kindness into all of their online classes and activities. If you’d like your child to interact with kindness beyond Random Acts of Kindness Day, feel free to give our online classes a try!

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