Online Kindergarten Classes & Homeschool Curriculum

Online Kindergarten Classes

By: Jennifer Blanchard

When you think of kindergarten aged children, what do you think of? Oftentimes, kindergarten students are active, curious, and eager to soak up anything and everything that makes up the world around them!

To keep those kindergarten brains engaged and learning, our DailiesPods online kindergarten homeschool curriculum offers a variety of classes (taught by certified educators!) that make learning interactive, flexible, convenient, affordable, and powerful!

Our kindergarten homeschool curriculum can be tailored to supplement your child’s existing learning or it can be used as a comprehensive program to provide your child with all academic and social learning! Regardless of the educational format you choose (supplementary or comprehensive), our classes offer you and your child personalized learning, rich insights, and meaningful connections. We offer a solution for every family.

DailiesPods’s online kindergarten homeschool curriculum courses establish the foundational skills that your child will continue to build upon in the coming years. From literacy and math to enrichments, our online kindergarten curriculum provides support for every child.

If you’re interested in trying it out before committing to anything, DailiesPods offers a first trial class for FREE.

We can’t wait to meet you in your child’s first class!

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