National Freedom Day

Chances are, when we think of anything with the words “national” or “freedom” we tend to think about Independence Day, which is celebrated on July 4th. But, did you know that there’s another important day that commemorates our nation’s freedom? It happens to be today… National Freedom Day!

What is National Freedom Day?

National Freedom Day celebrates the signing of the law that would later become the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution. On February 1, 1865, Abraham Lincoln signed this amendment and changed history by outlawing slavery in the United States. This holiday celebrates freedom, harmony, and equality among all citizens. 

A Timeline of National Freedom Day

July 4, 1776 – The Declaration Of Independence is signed

July 8, 1776 – The Liberty Bell chimed for the first time in Independence Hall

December, 1791 – The Bill of Rights promises individual civil rights and liberties

February 1, 1865 – President Abraham Lincoln signs the 13th Amendment 

February 1, 1942 – National Freedom Day is commemorated after Richard Robert Wright Senior creates and establishes National Freedom Day with the support of various leaders

June 30, 1948 – President Harry Truman officially signs the proclamation appointing February 1 as the official National Freedom Day in the United States

June 2, 1964 – President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act, prohibiting the segregation of public and private spaces based on race, gender, color, nationality, or religion

How Do People Celebrate National Freedom Day?

The main celebration to commemorate National Freedom Day is the laying of the wreath on the Liberty Bell. This tradition has occurred since 1942, after Richard Robert Wright Senior created and established the day with the help and support of various leaders. National Freedom Day also marks the first day of Black History Month; a month of recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating the history and contributions African Americans have made to our world.

Celebrating National Freedom Day as a Family

There are many ways to celebrate National Freedom Day with your family. 

  • Talk about what freedom means – What freedoms do you have?
  • Look at videos/pictures of The Liberty Bell and wreath – Where else might you find a bell or a wreath? Draw a picture of your own bell and/or wreath!
  • Check within your community – Are there any Freedom Day celebrations happening? 
  • Read books about National Freedom Day, Black History Month, and Juneteenth!
    • The link below has so many great books that are broken down by age group, courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers

Celebrating National Freedom Day with Dailies

Dailies is very thankful for the educational freedoms that come with online and virtual learning! All students are encouraged to come together and learn about the world around us. Join us this month as we celebrate Black History Month and take a closer look at the achievements of past and present African American leaders in our country!

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