Homeschool Financial Aid Options: North Carolina Education Student Accounts

Homeschool For Kindergarten

By: Meghan Bouboulinis

Finding the right educational program for your child can be a daunting task; finding the right education to work alongside your child’s IEP can be even more challenging. We are excited to share about North Carolina’s ESA+ program, which allows families to truly customize their child’s learning plan to ensure that they are receiving the best resources for their unique student.

The North Carolina Student Accounts program (ESA+) is dedicated to helping families save on private schooling, homeschooling, tutoring, and other educational support for students with special needs. The primary requirement is an IEP determination by your child’s public school; the scholarships are not limited to 1 per family, either. Every student in your family with an IEP is eligible to apply. 

While Dailies does not require any additional specific requirements, we do follow the North Carolina ESA+ requirements. In addition to an IEP, students must also meet the following:


      • At least 5 years old (4 years with a private school administer approval for kindergarten)

      • Has not graduated from high school/is not enrolled in a post-secondary school full-time

    Education Student Accounts may provide up to $9,000 per year for any student with an IEP could provide more for students with certain designated primary or secondary disabilities. For more information on what designates a quality as primary or secondary, please visit the North Carolina ESA+ website.

    So, how can you utilize your child’s ESA+ scholarship to assist with their educational needs? (And especially how can you use them with Dailies?!)

    The good news is that the scholarships can be used for a variety of homeschool expenses, including curriculum, activities, classes, and tutoring! Whether you are just beginning to explore schooling options or have been homeschooling for years, the North Carolina ESA scholarship is definitely something to check out. 

    We know that not all of our Dailies students live in North Carolina, so be sure to check out our other blog posts that talk more about financial aid programs in other states!

    By: Meghan Bouboulinis

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