Dailies Interns Speak Out: Benefits of Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Did you know that Dailies gets the opportunity to work alongside high schoolers for internships we offer? We love our high school interns! Not only do they bring a fresh perspective to our company, but they also are passionate about remote education and all that we offer for families.

WE know that virtual learning has so many benefits, but we get it that it’s often reassuring to hear positive testimonials from others as well. 

So, don’t just take our word for it, here are some direct quotes from some of our interns who have experienced virtual learning for themselves…and are eager to share their praise for it!

  • Doing school online allowed me to work at my own pace, leading me to learn things more efficiently. When I was in an in-person class, I often found myself getting overwhelmed with the speed at which things were taught and found it difficult to fully grasp concepts. Through remote learning, I was able to branch out and meet new people from across the world and connect with them through education. Meeting people from various different backgrounds, we were able to teach and motivate each other to learn new things which expanded our knowledge. Online school is much more flexible than a traditional in-person class environment, so I was able to pick up other activities that I am passionate about outside of school. 
  • Overall remote learning tremendously benefited me as I finally got to enjoy learning while interacting with new people and pursuing other activities I love! When it was announced that school was going to be remote for my Junior year of highschool, I was upset with the fact that I would be missing highschool events such as football games, Homecoming and just hanging out with friends from school. However, even though I was initially disappointed when school was moved online during COVID, I soon realized how much I needed a remote setting to progress my learning. 
  • The best part of virtual learning was the amount of free time I got. Because everything was at home, I didn’t have to walk home or wait for one of my parents to pick me up, which gave me the ability to study more or play video games with my friends online. The time I spent studying subjects I needed more help with helped me learn more. I also used the added time to play basketball. Playing basketball after a long school day helped me get school off my mind and focus on making my next shot. 
  • Something else that I gained during virtual learning was communicating effectively. Before quarantine, I sometimes got nervous talking to adults I didn’t know too well. During quarantine, I realized I was talking to a screen. This skill helped me when school came back to in-person learning and people were starting to go outside a little more. 
  • A very positive effect that I felt during remote learning was that I was able to be around my family so much more than I previously was. I have a sister who is five years younger than me, and I got so much closer with her over the pandemic simply because we could spend more time together when we were doing remote school. I believe that family connection is very important to learning for kids because it can provide them support and make them feel more comfortable being themselves, and remote learning really allows kids to experience this. 
  • One last positive effect of remote learning that I have felt is that remote learning can create good habits within students. The relative freedom that is present in the remote learning system can be beneficial because it can instill values of time management and organization, even in younger students. It also taught me how to be self-motivated and get my work done with a good attitude, and this made a big difference in how productive I was. 
  • The most immediate positive change that I felt when I switched to remote learning was that I felt like I had much more control over my schedule and how I spent each day. I had set times for my classes, but for the rest of the day, I could choose what time was best for me to complete my academic work, and this allowed me to be a lot more productive. In my opinion, remote schooling lets the student or the student’s family decide what is best for the student’s learning, while the traditional in-person school model creates student schedules in a way that may not be beneficial for each individual. 
  • I think to this day, I prefer virtual learning to going to school in the mornings every day. One of the biggest perks has to be the fact that I got to sleep in until the very moment before class started, maximizing on the amount of sleep I got. I also really enjoyed how all my work was online. I no longer had to worry about losing work or having to deal with my hand cramping up when I’m writing for a long time.
  • Reaching out to my teachers has never been easier either. Instead of spending my lunch break or after school trying to catch them before they leave, I can shoot them an email with confidence they’d get back to me soon. I also could multitask as I was in the perfect place to do so. I was at home where everything was and could attend school and eat lunch, without having to worry about disrupting the entire class. Being close to family was also a big plus. I was around them all the time so we have never been closer.

Incredible, isn’t it? While Dailies doesn’t offer classes for highschool students…YET, your child can experience these same benefits at an earlier age.

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