A Guide To Homeschooling in Minnesota 

Once a family has made the decision to begin homeschooling, it’s necessary to look into each state’s specific requirements, as some states require more information than others. For families who wish to homeschool in Minnesota, getting started is fairly straightforward and as long as you keep clear and organized records, it is a very easy process to maintain.  

Homeschooling in Minnesota: How to Get Started

The first thing you must do to begin homeschooling is to inform the superintendent of your school district. A Letter of Intent to Homeschool must be submitted every year by October 1st, or within 15 days of withdrawing your child from their school. This letter must include the following information: 

  • The name, date of birth, and address of each child being homeschooled
  • The name of the instructor and evidence of their qualifications to teach
  • The annual tests you intend to use for homeschool requirements
  • Evidence of immunization compliance 

Qualifications To Homeschool 

To teach in the state, a person must be qualified. Parents who are homeschooling their own children are automatically considered qualified. If someone other than the parent is teaching, they must have one of the following: 

  • Hold a MN teaching license in the field and grade being taught 
  • Be directly supervised by a licensed teacher
  • Provide instruction in a school that is accredited or recognized by the state board
  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree

Required Subjects

Parents are required to include the following subjects in their homeschool curriculum: 

  • Basic communication skills: reading, writing, literature, and fine arts
  • Mathematics and science 
  • Social Studies including history, geography, economics, government, and citizenship
  • Health and physical education

While Minnesota law requires that these subjects be taught, it does not define how they are to be taught; homeschool families have full autonomy over the style of teaching and activities. If you would like to teach in the chronological order of the school district, it is encouraged to reach out for a syllabus or school calendar.

Annual Testing Requirements

Children who homeschool in Minnesota are required to take an annual assessment using a nationally norm-referenced standardized test. The test itself and testing location are to be determined between the family and the superintendent. The testing scores do not need to be shared with the school district, however, if the scoring is at or below the 30th percentile, the child must be evaluated for learning difficulties.

Organized Record Keeping

Apart from the annual testing, Minnesota law requires that proper documentation be made throughout your child’s homeschooling journey, no matter how long you homeschool for. Documentation includes but is not limited to: 

  • Class schedules
  • Attendance, estimated hours, calendars of events
  • Copies of materials used for instruction, including textbooks 
  • Descriptions of teaching methods used to make assessments
  • Proof and scoring of annual tests

This documentation must be kept for two years and is recommended that it be kept for all four years of high school; especially if your child is looking into college or universities. 

Additional Opportunities and Offerings

Home-schools (and other nonpublic schools) with fewer than five students have the opportunity to participate in their district extracurricular activities. Meaning that if a child who is homeschooled would like to participate or play in sports, they can. For those students who are looking for a “traditional” school feeling while continuing to homeschool, this is an exciting opportunity to meet other students their own age.

Homeschooling in Minnesota: We’re Here to Help

While homeschooling in Minnesota does have quite a few requirements, you will find that as long as you head into this journey with an open mind and remain prepared and organized, you and your child will thrive. Dailies is here to offer support however we can, whether it be a simple Q&A series, tutoring support for a child who needs additional assistance after their annual testing, or a full homeschool curriculum, we want to see every child succeed.

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