DailiesPods For Business

Powerful classes for your employee's children

Enhance your employee’s childcare experience by giving them an option to educate their children. Meet DailiesPods, the learning solution that gives parents peace of mind.

Your Employees are Struggling

You and Your Colleagues Are in Luck, with DailiesPods

Our project-based learning classes keep your team member’s children engaged for hours while they learn, create, and socialize.
Parents get reports on their child’s progress. They can see that their children aren’t falling behind, but instead are thriving!
Parents get peace of mind knowing their children are learning so they are able to be more productive and focused on completing other important tasks.
parent and child

What Your Business Gets


Discounted Registrations

Sponsor discounted employee registrations or promote DailiesPods amongst your staff.

Powerful Tracking

Our white labeled personalized dashboard shows company usage and adoption.

Custom Setup

Use a custom curriculum, or have our teachers power your on-site childcare.

Dedicated Support

Our account managers help reach your team members and onboard them.

What Parents Think About Us

What Employees Get

Easy to book classes They can book or reschedule their children’s classes in minutes. Even skip classes with no penalties.
Insights into their educational journey
Our dedicated teachers will give your employees weekly reports that detail all elements of their child’s educational journey.
Affordable and effective targeted learning
Their children will enjoy learning Pre-K to 8th-grade standards-based content in our 1-2 hour classes.
Grow learner’s confidence
Their children will grow more confident as they work on creative group projects with their peers.

Let's Talk

Some Common Questions From Businessess

Do any of your employees have young children? If so, yes. Not only are you doing right by your team members but you’re making sure they remain productive and distraction-free.

Let’s say you have employees earning $90k a year with young children at home. What would you pay to make sure that they can have peace of mind and focus for a full 2 hours, ~25% of their time for the day?

All of our teachers are hand-selected with your pod in mind. Our teachers are all highly qualified certified educators within the United States and are passionate about creating an equitable educational experience for their students in our learning pods. It doesn’t matter if your child is on a pre-existing educational plan, we tailor the instruction to fit them and find the perfect teacher to do it!

Simple. We give you a deliverable to share with your team members with plenty of tutorial videos that explain this new benefit. 

Decide what % you want to cover and that’s it! Your employees will do the rest.

You don’t have to pay anything to use the platform and invite employees. There are two payment options for the most part:

1) Monthly Subscription

Subscribe to any of these tiers and enjoy these discounts:
$0-$999/month – 2.5%
$1,000-$4,999/month – 5%
$5,000-$9,999/month – 7.5%
$10,00-$19,999/month – 10%
$20,000/month and above? – Talk to sales.

Subscribe to the tiers and you’ll be charged upfront for the minimum on a monthly basis. All of your team’s classes will be discounted accordingly.

2) Employee Coverage

You can select to cover a percentage of your team member’s class costs. You can cover 0%, 25%, 50%, even 100% of your employee’s class costs. You can set limits on how much you’re willing to cover, i.e. $200/month per person or down to the individual level.



We will assist you in identifying your team members who want their PreK – 8th grade children to benefit from the enhanced learning DailiesPods provides with progress captured in the weekly reports we provide, plus free access to our educational consultants. Your discounted registration price will be based on the number of sign ups, length of contract, number of classes projected and your budget.



Our Company Administrator platform enables you to confirm those team members who have expressed interest in DailiesPods for their children have signed up and scheduled classes. Confirms your partnership with Dailies is productive, effective and appreciated by your staff.



To enroll and schedule classes we can either coordinate directly with each team member or work with you to schedule a full day of classes for as many days per week as you and your staff request.


Dedicated Support

We will assign an account manager responsible for ensuring the onboarding of your company and team members is completed smoothly and they will be available to answer any subsequent needs or request you might have. Our educational advisors will also be available to discuss the performance and goals of every enrolled child with their parents to ensure learning is maximized.