Our Story


Hi, I’m Jessica, one of our founders here at Dailies.

As a mother of 5 and former public school teacher, I know it can be challenging to keep up with the growing demands of schooling, both as a parent and a teacher. We started Dailies with the mission to provide access to the highest quality education for ALL learners by partnering with their families and schools.

What began has a mission to equip parents with transparent data and insights into their child’s learning progress through a mobile first gamified app, has now evolved into an educational support ecosystem that not only provides data about learning progress, but also a solution for identified learning gaps. Having just been focused on supporting families through 2022, we are excited to now be also partnering with schools in 2023 as we bring support to their teachers as well!
What makes us different?
We focus on real learning outcomes, individual skills, and every step that supports a student in achieving academic success. We know that this looks different for EVERY single child so we are able to utilize research based teaching methods, WITH powerful technology to streamline the feedback and progress loop.
Another one of our biggest differentiators is our heart. We truly care about each child, family, teacher, administrator, and school that we interact with. We are teachers, parents, and administrators ourselves and being with “good people” that are looking to advance the skills of our future is where we always long to be.

So, that’s why I created Dailies. To make sure that every child gets the very best education out there. One in which the focus is on every individual child, doing their best, where children and parents are engaged. Not only that, but focused on ensuring parents AND teachers have support from highly qualified and certified teachers.
My own children take classes with Dailies, from the comfort of our own home and the positive influence that it has had on their attitudes toward learning, curiosity, and creativity are astounding. When we help children access learning at their level, things start to click, stress is lessened, and the creative juices start flowing. Kids get to be authentic and be supported for who they are. It truly is a magical and powerful experience. At Dailies, we go above and beyond for families AND schools because we believe in the power of connection, data-driven support, and authenticity.

Dailies started as a solution for my children but has helped thousands of learners now as well.

We can’t wait to meet you and your family soon!

With care, 

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