Whether you have been taking advantage of online schools in the United States for many years, you discovered the benefits to online schools throughout the pandemic, or this is all simply a new educational experience that you are interested in learning more about, this blogpost outlines some of the most important benefits for your child that come along with virtual schooling.

Positive Outcomes of Online Learning

Overall, these positive outcomes of learning online include:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Parent and Student Support
  • Personalized Learning
  • Flexibility and Accessibility
  • Meaningful Connections/Social Emotional Learning

…and so much more!

See what we mean?

Let’s break down each one of these categories a bit further as far as seeing what online learning and Dailies offers. We want to be completely transparent with what each of these positive outcomes truly mean!

Academic Achievement

  • Student work is done for mastery and true understanding, not just for a grade and to consider it done

Parent and Student Support (Many of these are Dailies exclusives!)

  • Insightful parent/teacher conferences
  • Rich daily reports, living student progress report
  • Daily learning resources made available for families
  • On-demand academic support from specialists and academic advisors

Personalized Learning (All provided in a small-group or 1:1 setting with Dailies)

  • Varied opportunities from day to day, schedule can be made adaptable
  • Academic and/or behavior concerns can be dealt with quickly and consistently
  • Won’t “fall through the cracks” or go unnoticed without support they need
  • Lessons tailored to specific student needs and interests
  • Teachers can teach students to learn in the way they learn best

Student Choice

  • Allows for a better work/life/family balance
  • Provides students the environment in which they learn best- outside, with music, etc.
  • Parents/students can make their own schedule, students can learn during the time of day when they are most productive

Flexibility and Accessibility

  • Eliminates time on transportation that can be spent on studies, outside, with family etc. instead
  • Students often don’t need to take sick days
  • Can travel while learning and get those worldy experiences and learning opportunities
  • Student pacing- don’t have to wait for other students to finish before moving on
  • Distraction of many other traditional school factors removed

Meaningful Connections/Social Emotional Learning

  • Allows for better student ownership of learning
  • Students learn time management skills/independence of learning/ lifelong learning habits
  • Parents have more of a presence/guidance and awareness of what kids are experiencing
  • Students feel empowered because have a chance to discuss more, share their ideas more
  • Creates a stronger family bond as families are more involved in learning

Well, we can definitely add many, many more positives to these categories, but you get the idea! What else might you add to this list from your own experiences and realizations?

Dailies as Online Learning

Through our Dailies offerings, families can take advantage of online school as a comprehensive, homeschool replacement or as a supplementary program. Since your first class through Dailies is free, you can even take advantage of free online school through us!  

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