National Superhero Day: Embracing the Good in All of Us

Today is a holiday that might soon become one of your child’s favorites! After all, who doesn’t love superheroes? 

It’s National Superhero Day! This holiday is celebrated on April 28 of every year. It is a day that is intended to honor superheroes- but those that are everyday heroes in our real lives and also those that are our fictional favorites. Even though the superheroes in comics, tv shows and movies might not be real, they still act as great role models for us! They serve and protect their communities while fighting evil.

How National Superhero Day Began

This day got its start in the year 1995. Employees of Marvel Comics decided to ask kids what superpowers they would want to have, if they could have any superpower. 

Most of the employees were surprised to discover that most of the kids ended up talking about real, everyday superheroes instead of the fictional, more well-known ones! They were expecting to hear about Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc. but they mostly heard about police officers, teachers, firefighters, military members, and neighbors. These people, and many others like them, are honored for helping and protecting others. Each and every day.

Celebrating National Superhero Day

You might have your own ideas and plans for making this day one to remember, but if you need a starting point, we have some ideas lined up and ready to go for you.

  • Thank someone for being a superhero. Who in your own life stands out for helping you or others? Create a thank you card to thank them for being a superhero in everyday life. Be sure to share the card with them!
  • Think of your favorite fictional superhero. Write a paragraph about who your favorite superhero is and why you admire them. 
  • If you want to take your writing a step further, make your own short book about one of your favorite superheroes or a fantasy superhero that you have created! Why is this person a superhero? How are they helping and saving others? What happens to them?
  • Dress up as your favorite superhero and explain why this person is your favorite. What makes them stand out among the other superheroes?
  • Draw a picture of you with a superpower that you’ve chosen for yourself. If you could have any imagined superpower, what would it be? How would you use this to help others?
  • Do something that would make a superhero proud! Go out into your day with the mindset of looking for ways to help others. Do something that would make someone else consider YOU a superhero.

Captain America, Black Panther, Thor, Ant-Man…and so many others! This is a day to honor them but it’s also a day to honor your own superhero actions and those who make a positive difference in the world around you!

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