Marching To The Beat On World Day Of Music

American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “Music is the universal language of humankind” and although this quote dates back almost to 1835, it still holds just as much truth in 2024. It holds even more significance today, as today is World Day of Music! Today reminds us that music has the power to unite the world, no matter where we live or the language we speak.

What Is World Day Of Music?

World Day of Music is exactly what it sounds like … get it?! Sounds like? Today is for promoting the sounds and songs of ALL musicians, whether they are known for performing around the world or simply inside of their home. It is a day to come together as one and break the barriers of language with the power of music. 

Music Is A Universal Language

Speaking of breaking language barriers, World Day of Music actually started in France! Jack Lang and Maurice Fleuret, both from the Ministry of Culture, had a dream to make music more accessible to the people of France; they imagined a holiday where free music would be everywhere: street corners, parks, rooftops, and gardens. On June 21, 1982, the Fête de la Musique was unveiled! June 21st is the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year, and is fitting for a festival that translates to “Festival of Music” or “Make Music.”

Around The World On World Day of Music

Fête de la Musique now happens every year on June 21st and is truly a festival of music; with all of France shutting down for the day to simply enjoy music anywhere and everywhere. This holiday has since spread around the globe, with free music festivals and concerts happening in almost 120 countries! In New York City, thousands of musicians of all skill levels participate in World Music Day, performing in parks, at cafes, and other various outdoor venues. 

Celebrating Today

In response to the popularity and growing interest in making music, the Make Music Alliance was formed to coordinate and organize music festivals across the United States. This year, 117 cities have organized over 4,000 free concerts in states across the country! You can check out for more information and concert locations. 

Make Your Own Kind Of Music!

There are so many ways to celebrate today!

  • Create a playlist of your family’s favorite songs
  • Listen to new songs from different genres, countries, and artists 
  • Draw picture of your favorite instrument
  • Design your own instrument with recycled materials
  • Write a song
  • Send fan mail to your favorite musician 

The next time somebody says that you “march to the beat of your own drum” be sure to take that as the highest compliment! It means that you may do things differently, but you are doing them in your own unique way, just like a musician. No matter how you choose to celebrate today, remember it’s the longest day of the year so there’s extra time to sing, dance, and make music!

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