Inspire, Encourage, Motivate, and Create: National Creativity Day

May 30th is the perfect day to unleash your imagination and let your creativity flow freely! Why? Because it’s National Creativity Day! Today we celebrate the inspiration, the motivation, and the creativity that keeps our world continuously moving forward. Whether you are a trained professional, an apprentice, or simply an everyday individual, National Creativity Day is a day to celebrate being unique, special, and unapologetically yourself! Film producer and president of ScreenwritingU, Hal Croasmun, founded National Creativity in 2018 to “celebrate the imaginative spirits” and show appreciation for all the makers in the world. 

There Is No Limit on Creativity

Many might assume that National Creativity Day is a day to strictly celebrate traditional artistic mediums such as paintings, photographs, poetry, books, music, and movies. But, what about the paint being used? What about the camera and film? Who wrote the books, built the instruments, and designed the movie set? Creativity is not just limited to a pencil and paper or a brush and some paint; examples of creativity can be found everywhere! 

Take a look around – everything within your sight right now was created because of someone’s idea. Computers, phones, cars, even your house and clothes were all created by someone who had an idea and then brought that idea to life. Engineers, scientists, architects, chefs, fashion designers, (and more!) are all examples of creative careers that have shaped the world. 

Some examples of famous creative innovators include: 

  • Thomas Edison
  • Albert Einstein
  • Walt Disney
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Marie Curie
  • Leonardo Di Vinci 

Creativity As A Family

National Creativity Day is a great day to celebrate as a family! No matter how old your children are, it is so important to inspire children of all ages to tap into their creativity. Finding something that you all enjoy together not only builds a stronger family bond, but it fosters confidence for years to come. Try some of these fun creativity activities today, tomorrow, or this weekend:

  • Bake together: cookies and cupcakes can get especially creative when it comes time to decorate them
  • Tie Dye: encourage messy creativity with color mixing and design your own shirts, bags, or socks
  • Chalk Up: draw whatever comes to mind on the sidewalk – hopscotch, obstacle courses, and letter recognition are all fun, educational, family friendly ideas
  • Scrapbooking: a fun way to reminisce and build new memories 
  • Show and Tell: learn the newest dance trend (or choreograph it!), memorize a favorite song (or compose it!

No matter how you choose to get creative today, the most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong answer! 

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