Homeschooling Financial Aid Options: West Virginia Hope Scholarship

Welcome back to our series on homeschooling financial aid options! We are excited to share another option available to students and their families who currently live in West Virginia; The Hope Scholarship. As with all educational savings account (ESA) programs, there are some basic requirements for those interested as well as some more specific ones, especially regarding homeschooling options. 

What is The Hope Scholarship?

The Hope Scholarship is an ESA program that allows families to use the state portion of their education funding to tailor an individualized learning plan that works best for them. 

Scholarship Requirements

To qualify for this scholarships, a student must be a resident of West Virginia and be either: 

  • Eligible to be enrolled in kindergarten for the year which they are applying for the scholarship
  • Enrolled full-time in a WV public school for the entire instructional period preceding the academic year which they are applying for the scholarship
  • Enrolled full-time and currently attending a public school in WV for at least 45 consecutive calendar days during the current instructional period

The 45 Day Rule

Students who are currently enrolled in private school or who are currently being homeschooled are not eligible to apply as a new student applicant for the Hope Scholarship; however there is a way to become eligible, per the 45 Day Rule. The 45 day rule refers to 45 consecutive calendar days within a regular 180 day instructional period (a typical school year) that the student must be present with at least a 90% attendance rate. While these days cannot be paused for summer break, they do include weekends, holidays, and other school breaks that take place before school is over for the year. 

In order for private or homeschooled students to be eligible under The 45 Day Rule, they must be enrolled in a public West Virginia school for at least those 45 days while the decision is being made – which could take an additional 45 days. 

Scholarship Usage

Families who qualify for the Hope Scholarship are able to use the funds for a variety of educational expenses including: 

  • Tuition and fees for private school, online programs, alternative education programs
  • Services provided by a public school
  • Tutoring services
  • Fees for preparation courses and placement exams
  • Supplemental materials
  • Transportation fees
  • Other qualified expense as approved by the Hope Scholarship Board

How To Get Started

If your family would like to participate in the Hope Scholarship Program, you will need to submit a Notice of Intent to your local county superintendent. The form includes all the information necessary, including indicating which pathway you are choosing. If you’re unsure whether the Individualized Instruction Plan will be used, or another usage, it is important to make a note on the application. More information on The Hope Scholarship can be found at 

Dailies x The Hope Scholarship Program

Once you have been approved for the Hope Scholarship, Dailies is ready! Our personalized learning supports are a one-stop solution for all things education; in addition to supplemental small groups, we offer a comprehensive online homeschool curriculum, and 1:1 tutoring services. At Dailies, we support families in building strong academic foundations that open up a world of possibilities for their students. 

Visit us at today and get started with your trial class!

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