3 Simple At-Home Summer Learning Activities

Summer Activities

With summer fast approaching, many families are looking for ways to keep their kids busy and learning this summer.

As a parent of 4 kiddos myself, the summer brings excitement but also chaos. There are lots of moving pieces as we work out schedules, camps, activities, friends, etc. It can be overwhelming!

This list is a few of the things I do to help keep my kids busy and learning during the summer.

1. Collages- Collages are a great art project that keep kids busy for hours! You can have a set theme or let them go for it. Some of the collages that we make in our house are around a certain color, season, hopes and dreams, and we have even done letters and numbers too! Kids have fun finding things in magazines or ads, practice fine motor skills with cutting out the images, and then you can incorporate things like sight words, letters, or numbers too for an added educational twist.

Pro Tip: Check your local library for discarded magazines or ask if they have any extras. You can also look for free magazines at local restaurants or welcome centers in your area too. 

2. Water Painting- All you need is a cup of water and a paintbrush! This helps gets kids outside and doesn’t make a mess. On a nice sunny day, let your children paint all over the sidewalk, driveway, house, fences, etc. with their water “paint”. It’s like magic since it disappears as it dries. For an educational twist, challenge them to write words or do math problems. 

3. Online Classes- These can be great when you just need a break but also want your kids to be involved in something too. Our family takes classes with Dailies during the summer and has attended their Summer School Bootcamp Program this past year too. My kids love their teachers and getting to see friends and I appreciate the one hour break to get things done around the house. You can look for local classes or camps in your area as well!

There are so many simple activities you can do with your kids at home this summer. Sometimes the simplest materials that you already have at home can make for the greatest projects and activities.

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