Happy First Day of Summer!

Woo hoo, some people may consider today their favorite day of the year! For all those warm-weather-loving, longer-day-loving people…here it is. It’s officially the first day of summer!

There’s no doubt that today brings some excitement for kids and parents alike. Even if you unofficially consider summer to start on your child’s last day of school (our DailiesSchool last day of school was May 17!)  instead of on this official day, you have to admit that this time of year still brings with it those nostalgic, exciting, laid-back feelings.

The Official Start of Summer

Did you know that the start of summer actually changes every year? However, it usually occurs on one of the days between June 20- June 22.The start of summer is determined by The Farmer’s Almanac, since the official start date depends on when the summer solstice occurs. The summer solstice is when the rays from the sun reach the northernmost point from the equator. 

Ways to Roll in the Start of Summer

As you maybe find yourself having more time to relax, unwind, have fun, and spend time with your kids during this season, here are some suggestions for doing so:

  • We all know how quickly time can pass us by, especially during these slower-paced summer days, so make a bucket list together of what you want to do and accomplish this summer before that time gets away from you!
  • Enjoy that beautiful weather by having a picnic outside. As you and your kids are eating, observe the outdoors and have a conversation about the summertime things you see, smell, taste, hear, and maybe even feel.
  • We bet it will be sooner rather than later that you hear your kids complain of being bored with all this extra free time. Nip that in the bud before it even happens by making a summertime activity jar ahead of time. Have your kids write down ideas of fun summer activities on different slips of paper. When they find themselves getting bored, encourage them to pull out a slip of paper and do the suggested activity.
  • Do a quick Google search of summer reading Bingo activities for your child’s age range. If you don’t have the time to pull up these (many, many) Bingo literacy board suggestions on the internet, keep your eyes peeled for our Dailies socials where we should be sharing one soon! These Bingo boards will encourage your child to complete a variety of new literacy activities, giving them the freedom to choose amongst the suggested ideas.
  • Go to the library! Local libraries often have summer reading programs, activities, and challenges to engage even the youngest of readers.

Books to Celebrate the Season of Summer

If you find yourself at the library or elsewhere looking for new titles of books that will engage your kids in the topic of summer, look no further!

Summer Vacation, Here I Come by D.J Steinberg

And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner

It Began with Lemonade by Gideon Sterer

The Truth About My Unbelievable Summer by Benjamin Chaud

The Sun Shines Everywhere by Mary Ann Hoberman

Our Pool by Lucy Ruth Cummins

Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson

Dailies is Here for Your Family This Summer (And Year-Round!)

While our comprehensive homeschool program, DailiesSchool, is on summer break, we still have our daily supplemental program, DailiesPods, that is ongoing. We also have our enrichment class offerings that are continuing throughout the summer! Find what class, class time, and number of classes that best fit your summer schedule, and take advantage of these! We have the class flexibility and offerings for YOU, despite your summer schedule most likely being a tad different from your school year schedule. Find out more at dailiespods.com.

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