In halls of learning, noble hearts reside,
Guiding minds, with wisdom as their guide.

Through trials and triumphs, they stand tall,
Igniting sparks in each classroom’s thrall.

With patience, they weave knowledge’s thread,
Planting seeds of wisdom in each head.

In every smile, in every tear they see,
Teachers mold futures with care and glee.

Their dedication knows no bounds,
In shaping lives, their love resounds.

With each lesson taught, they impart,
Not just knowledge, but a piece of heart.

So let us raise our voices high,
To honor those who touch the sky.

In Teacher Appreciation Week, we cheer,
For the heroes who make our path clear.

5 Ways to Make a Teacher Feel Appreciated:

-Gift cards

-Handwritten cards, drawings

-Involvement, engagement

-Replenish classroom materials

-Fragrances (air freshener, wax scents, etc.)

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