National Gardening Day

 Do you have an itch to start something new this year? Do you have a green thumb and love being outdoors? Every year on April 14th gardeners around the world celebrate National Gardening Day. It is a day to celebrate our gardens or to learn a new hobby.

The History of National Gardening Day

Although gardens have been around for centuries, National Gardening Day was first celebrated in 2018. Cool Springs Press which is a publisher on DIY gardening and home improvements founded National Gardening Day to draw attention to this hobby while cheering on both amateur and professional gardeners as they share their knowledge, tips and skills about gardening to the world. 

More About Gardens

Gardens can come in any size and produce whatever you would like it to. You can plant flowers, food or a combination of both. Your gardens can be large or small while they sit inside of your house. 

Gardens are a great way to incorporate different skills with your little ones or children. One of my favorite activities to do with my girls is to find the Colors of the Rainbow! We draw on a piece of paper what we see, if you have older kids, you can have them write and draw what they see in the garden. Try and find something of each color that appears in the rainbow.

Celebrating National Gardening Day

Some other activities that you can do on National Gardening Day is: 

  1. Celebrate a special gardener
  2. Learn more about gardening
  3. Join a gardening club 
  4. Do some gardening
  5. Teach a child to garden
  6. Go visit a local garden in your community

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Let us know how you and your family will celebrate National Gardening Day! Post your picture of your garden on social media and tag us with #nationalgardeningwithDailies.

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