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Our classes are fun safe convenient powerful affordable

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Our classes are fun safe convenient powerful affordable

Live personalized classes with certified educators, rich daily reporting, and 24/7 academic support. DailiesPods brings you the best in online education.

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Personalized learning

Personalized programs and individual goal setting mean your child learns more, faster.

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Rich Insights

Your teacher will give weekly reports and our parent portal gives you insights into your child’s entire educational journey.
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Meaningful Connections

Your family will connect with world-class teachers and create friendships from across the globe.

A Solution for
Every Family

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Ideal for families already in school, who want academic success for their child through LIVE small group classes and unparalleled insights

Small-Group Classes

Personalized lessons with 4-8 children. A focus on reading, writing, and math in EVERY class.

Daily Learning Resources

Grade specific printable activities tailored to your child's needs to boost their learning.

Rich Daily Reports

Progress report from your child's teacher with powerful insights after every session.

Insightful Teacher Conferences

Dedicated time set aside to connect with your child's teacher about what matters most.


Ideal for families looking for a full school program from home with a comprehensive curriculum, 1:1 tutoring, and 24/7 teacher support

Everything in DailiesPods, and:

Powerful Comprehensive Curriculum

Covers all standard and accelerates learning with our research based learning model.

On-Demand Academic Support

Certified educators provide support where, when, and how your child needs it.

Engaging Enrichment Classes

Interactive classes like, art, music, Spanish, theater and movement classes every week.

Living Progress Report

Transparent learning with daily progress updates. Always know how your child is progressing.

Online Learning
 Done Right

Pre-K Class

For 3 to 5-year-olds

Your child will be interacting with a story and themed activities. We engage students through social learning as they complete activities incorporating foundational literacy and math skills.

Social. Foundational. Exciting.

K-5th Grade Class

For 5 to 12-year-olds

During our time together, we will be conducting research on a themed topic. We investigate new ideas as we discuss and create together.

Investigating. Discussing. Creating.

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Happy Parents

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“He is always looking forward to the class.  He always has stories to tell after the class. The ease of enrollment was really pretty simple. He talks about all of his friends by name from class.”
– Ashwini  
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“He got the focused attention and that has really helped him develop. He loves his teachers. I don’t know where you found them but they are WOW.”
– Annie B.
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“She is just so much happier as a kid and she talks about what she learns in class and we are able to incorporate it through our day. It really changed our lives.”
– Karima I.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have highly qualified teachers working to create an individualized education plan tailored to the needs of every child in the pod. We match students with similar needs and group them to create a powerful lesson series designed to maximize your child’s learning. As we further get to know your child, we adapt lessons based on their needs, interests, and abilities. We take the guesswork out of learning by providing you with daily reports about your child’s learning progress, so if we notice your child is struggling with a concept, we can intervene before it is too late!

All of our teachers undergo an extensive vetting and onboarding process to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to be most effective with virtual learning. We only hire the very best teachers, with an acceptance rate of only 1% of all teacher applicants.

With Dailies, you can be sure that your child will receive the highest quality personalized learning support with our expertly matched educators. Our teachers are passionate and driven with supporting thier families and their students’ individual needs.

It doesn’t matter if your child is on a pre-existing educational plan, we tailor the instruction to fit them and match you with the perfect teacher to provide it.

Get to know Jessica, our co-founder and one of our amazing educators.

Our classes are different because we have guaranteed small group interactive classes that are based on real educational content with certified educators.

Unlike how public school systems did online learning during the pandemic, we focus on supporting small groups of students with our focused and personalized lessons. 

Because our classes are interactive with a live teacher, we move as quickly as needed to keep students engaged and learning for the full duration of the class. 

Trained educators, commited to you and your child’s success. They are available for you to ask any education related questions, provide additional resources, and/or instructional tips for learning at home.

Our Educational Success Partners want to ensure your child succeeds, whether that is directly with us or not. 

We are here for your family, anywhere, anytime. 

Our Educational Success Partners want to ensure your child’s success whether that is directly with us or not. We are here for you anywhere, anytime.

Don’t worry! Our activities are designed to get kids moving and interacting with their physical space to connect learning concepts to their environment. We believe in the power of using movement to improve memory and engagement.

Also, we realize that for younger learners, it can take a few classes for them to get into the routine and build their stamina. We have helped thousands of families with little learners build a learning routine and increase independence through our live interactive classes.

DailiesPods is ideal for families already in school, who want academic success for their child through LIVE small group classes and unparalleled insights.

Program Highlights:

– Convenient Scheduling

– Rich Daily Reports

– Small-Group Classes

DailiesSchool is ideal for families looking for a full school program from home with a comprehensive curriculum, 1:1 tutoring, and 24/7 teacher support.

Program Highlights:

– Comprehensive Curriculum

– School like Community

– Enrichment Classes


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