Financial Aid

Helping Fund Your Investment in Your Child's Future

Ways to Fund Your Child's Education with Dailies


State Funds (ESA)

Some states offer stipends to homeschooling families to be used for services like Dailies.


Family Ambassador

Dailies offers an exclusive discount and compensation for our Family Ambassadors.


Teach with Us

Become a Dailies Teacher to unlock additional savings!


Refer Your School

Dailies may be able to provide services through your local school.

Happy Parents

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“He is always looking forward to the class.  He always has stories to tell after the class. The ease of enrollment was really pretty simple. He talks about all of his friends by name from class.”
– Ashwini  
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“He got the focused attention and that has really helped him develop. He loves his teachers. I don’t know where you found them but they are WOW.”
– Annie B.
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“She is just so much happier as a kid and she talks about what she learns in class and we are able to incorporate it through our day. It really changed our lives.”
– Karima I.
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“Our friend is in New York and him and his daughter grew up together. Now they get to be together in the same preschool.” – Michele F.
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“For her to interact and learn you know she’s very good now at raising her hand and just to get a feel like a school feel.” – Noreen C.
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“The earlier phonics, my concern was, and then some social skills because of Corona. The activities. Socializing.” – Retesh S.

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