Dailies Education = A Triangle

Dailies is a triangle

I have to apologize… I think it’s pretty easy to understand why I love Dailies, but understanding the scope of this passion may not have been but I may have under shared how much I love it. It’s true that I love Dailies and everything we are creating for our families, but we actually share bigger dreams. 

When I initially joined the Dailies team, I was intrigued by their passion to make a difference in the world of education, but most importantly making a difference in the lives of children and families across the globe. As I was speaking with Manuel Zamora, our CEO, he explained how laptops and desktops are not as accessible because globally, people lack access to these types of technology. If we are going to create a platform that provides truly equitable education and access to children across the globe, it has to be in a way that can be accessed from anywhere. Thus, the reason why Dailies has created a mobile platform that can be utilized by both parents and students across the globe. Anyone with a mobile device can access our courses. This is the mission that is the foundation of everything we are creating. This application is more than just for you and me, but it’s for our neighbors, friends, amigos, freunds, péngyǒu, tomodachi.

We are creating big things at Dailies and I am so fortunate to be part of it. Dailies has an international mission to create equitable education for all…which includes the United States. I can’t speak to the conditions for teaching and learning in other countries because I have only ever lived and taught in the US. Many US teachers know the challenges that we face daily with regard to education. We see children coming into school with dirty clothes, worn shoes, and kids that haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday at school. The standards are high for student performance and we know it’s hard not to question if we are doing enough to support our students each and every day. We try so desperately to educate little humans who deal with immense adversity at home, in their neighborhoods, and even in their schools. 

I will never be the teacher to ignore these issues (whether I am in the classroom or out!) and understand that they are part of a problem within a the larger scope than just education, but as teachers, we TRY to overcome those hurdles to help the kids that have statistically slipped behind. I have seen how education systems have failed children from the inside. I have encouraged parents to keep fighting for their children to get the services and individualized instruction they need. I have lent an ear to parents who are overwhelmed with events of life that make it challenging for them to be involved with things at school. I have hugged parents who have sobbed as they watch their child in class and see the challenges they endure every day. I have seen it, heard it, and felt it so deeply. In the words of one of my student’s parents “It’s one thing to hear about what has been going on, it’s another thing to actually see it”. 

Teachers need help. Parents need help. Kids need help. 

WE need support! 

Support for our teachers who are trying to do everything in their power to advocate for their 30+ students. Support for our parents who are trying to juggle life, kids, and the events of the world. MOST IMPORTANTLY, our kids NEED HELP! 

Teaching is hard. Parenting is hard. Learning is hard.

In this world of educational uncertainty, a light has been shown on what teachers and parents are going through. When are we going to wake up and realize the gravity of the situation we are in? When will we realize that there MUST be a change? When will wen we will realize that these three3 types of people are so closely intertwined and that we need to fix THIS connection first? 

Dailies has done it. Is doing it. And continues to refine and improve these systems.

Dailies is on the mission to help KIDS, FAMILIES, and TEACHERS by connecting them all around each and every child. It’s much more than my simple love for the convenience of learning and reporting. It’s much more than a gamified lesson. It’s much more than a report or explanation of student learning. 


I have to be honest, writing this post has me in tears. I feel that I have failed and it’s absolutely devastating. I reflect on those little faces that filtered in through my classroom each morning. I reflect on the parent conversations. I reflect on the conversations with my fellow teachers. Was I good enough? I question if I was a good enough teacher to have done everything possible to support each of those precious children that walked through my classroom each morning. I question if I was a good enough teacher to take the extra 10 minutes to uplift and support a parent who felt defeated about their child not having completed homework, even if it was the tenth10th parent that shared they were struggling with something that week. I question if I was a good enough teacher to support my fellow teachers when they were struggling, even if I was struggling with something. Was I good enough? Did I do all of those things wellgood enough? Did I make a difference to at least one teacher, parent, or child? 

Everyone always says that if you are asking or wondering those things, it’s a sign of a good teacher because you care enough to think about those things. Let me tell you, there has not been one weekend, school break, or even a day that has gone by where I haven’t thought about one of my previous students or colleagues. There is constant worry and concern for students and families who are struggling. We want parents to be involved, we want them to feel supported, we want to HELP! As teachers, we care about the child and everything and everyone who is important to that child. We know it’s hard to teach (been there!), we know it’s hard to parent (been there!), and we know it’s becoming increasingly challenging for students to learn. We invest so much of ourselves into our classrooms, students, and families each year, and it will. Never. Go. Aaway. 

Have you ever heard that a triangle is the strongest shape? Education is a triangle, composed of parents, teachers, and students. Without support, progress, and attention from each of those three elements, education would simply fall apart. This is where we are in education. Education is failing. Now more than ever, it’s hard to get students and parents connected to the teacher. Parents have statistically long been left out of these relationships, leaving learning up to the teachers and students. When parents aren’t there, it’s harder to get kids to believe education is important, which then, in turn, leads to one standing factor, our teachers. We need the parents back, we need the kids back, and Dailies is doing this. 

We start with one child, one family, one classroom but the limits are endless. That is why I love what we are creating with Dailies. We are focused on each child, each family, and each classroom. We want to support kids, families, and teachers and it starts with just one. We hope to make a difference in one learning ecosystem at a time. Unlike a classroom, we don’t get always get the opportunity to try again tomorrow. We have this time… now. Join us as we create and sustain this global mission. Shifting the focus on supporting parents and giving them the tools and information they need to feel confident in advocating for their child. We are on a mission of parent empowerment. Join us!

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