Benefits of the Virtual Classroom for Homeschooling Parents

Have a minute? Two? Or Three? Can you, would you, like to take a little walk with me? If you can, take a walk with me down a little pebble path…in the garden of homeschooling, and nestled under the tree of “benefits of homeschooling and the virtual classroom for parents”.

Families walk, dance, skip, and at times, what might feel like run backward with their heads upside down on the homeschool road for several reasons. For the heart of our walk here, and under this large tree we are under;  I wanted to take a look at three of the benefits of the virtual classroom for homeschooling parents. For this article, three stones lay as steps leading to our tree of “benefits of the virtual classroom for homeschooling parents.” 

Let us skip over to our first stone under the tree of benefits of the virtual classroom for homeschooling parents and see what awaits.


To be versatile is to be flexible. In the world of homeschooling, and inside the virtual classroom it is the benefit of versatility, that the virtual classroom offers homeschooling parents. 

Parents can place classes on the schedule that works best for them, their child’s needs/learning style, and their families’ needs. In the busy and calm moments of the day, the option to remain flexible and accommodating is important in the virtual classroom and for homeschooling parents. 

The virtual classroom allows for a flexible pivot due to the ease of class hosting and communication between teachers and families. 

Access to Parental Participation

You hear around the parks, gardens, and libraries, that parents wish they could be involved more in their children’s everyday learning, or be a “fly on the wall” with their children at school, and in class, to be a more supportive and active role in their students’ learning.  

In my years, being on the receiving end of both being the educator in the virtual classroom or the parent observing my child’s progress in a class; I have been able to have that auditory sharable moment, and thus be able to be an active participant in my child’s learning. That can take the shape of actually being able to jump in during the class session if my child needs assistance with a project in class in real-time. Or, later for our family, when making dinner or during playtime; I can bring up what I heard in my child’s class to encourage further discussion. 

This simple yet impactful tool as a parent is extremely valuable in my child’s educational journey and an important benefit to the virtual classroom for homeschooling parents.

Being and Remaining; Adaptable/ Diverse to Multiple Subjects

Potential to be pliable to subjects and creativity. This speaks to my heart as an educator. On the other side of the classroom, I want to ensure a smooth and prosperous educational class for my students. 

It is important for the teacher to be able to do this and use the virtual classroom as a tool to guide the classroom ship to the interest and care of my students. The virtual classroom allows for this due to the abundance of educational resources in the sea of technology. As an educator, I can be adaptable to where my student is at from class to class, week to week. Pulling in their interest, be it a song, a dance, a short video or story, an art project or other ideas as we explore and adapt to learning together in the virtual classroom. The virtual classroom offers the benefit of being able to cover a wide range of subjects in a given class; that essence is a benefit for the teachers of the virtual classroom and thus a benefit for the parents of homeschooled students. 

And here we have the conclusion of our beautiful walk under the tree of Benefits of the Virtual Classroom for Homeschooling Parents.

In which we came across the three precious stones of benefits that lead up to our tree. In memory we have come across the three stones of benefits of Adaptability, Participation, and Diversity to Subjects. These stones that lead to our tree are all elements that are benefits of the virtual classroom for homeschooling parents. 

I thank you for walking with me today, and exploring these benefits with me. The wonderful thing about this garden too is it is forever growing and expanding, virtually too! I hope our walk under the tree ignites insight into some of the benefits of the virtual classroom and best of luck to you and your family in your educational journey! Cheers and see you and your little ones in class soon!

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