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Dailies makes learning fun and gives you insights into your child's progress

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Helping your child succeed has never been so easy!

Dailies provides parents with real-time data and actionable insights so they can easily assist their kids when they need it most.

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Plays Dailies

Your child will love Dailies’ short, gamified lessons that are engaging and fun! If you’re thinking “you don’t know my child”, don’t worry – you can give them some extra encouragement with customizable in-person rewards like additional game time, or a favorite outing!


Gain Insights

Parents get rich insights into their child’s educational journey. Step in only when you’re needed and watch their overall progress.

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Supports Learning

It takes a village to educate a child. Parents can invite family, teachers, tutors, friends, and mentors to join. Without any commitment they’ll be able to participate in your child’s success too.

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