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Our classes are fun safe convenient powerful affordable

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Our Classes

are fun safe convenient powerful affordable

DailiesPods and Hooked on Phonics partner to bring you amazing personalized educational support. It truly takes a village educate the future. Get started now and get 20% off your first month!

Education is Changing

Dailies is Different

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Personal Support

Personalized programs and goal setting. Schedule a call with your Educational Success Partner here.
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Social Learning

Our students build friendships across the country in our FUN and engaging social learning experiences.

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Empowering Insights

Our teachers will provide you with daily personalized reports specific to your child’s learning progress and goals.

Remote Learning Done Right

Pre-K Class

For 3 to 5-year-olds

Your child will be interacting with a story and themed activities. We engage students through social learning as they complete activities incorporating foundational literacy and math skills.

Social. Foundational. Exciting.

K-3rd Grade Class

For 5 to 9-year-olds

During our time together, we will be conducting research on a themed topic. We investigate new ideas as we discuss and create together.

Investigating. Discussing. Creating.

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Safe and

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Easy to Schedule
and Customize

Free class

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How do I get started?


Create parent and learner accounts.

Schedule your first class and attend!

Select a plan and enjoy academic success!

Need help or just want to find out more? Schedule a call with our educational success partners.

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Your First Class is Free!

Ages 3-5


Ages 5-9

K-3rd Grade

more information? schedule an introductory call

Why DailiesPods

A fun, social, and affordable way to keep your children engaged. Enjoy peace of mind.

Transparent Learning

We give you insights into your child’s progress so you know exactly what your child is learning each session.

Personalized Support

Our Educational Success Partners are here for your family; they are an educational support system in your pocket.

Daily Reports

Get detailed feedback about your child’s growth and goals to help teachers tailor their lessons for your child.
Incredible Convenience

Incredible Convenience

No obligations, no hidden fees. Schedule a class last minute or skip a future class with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have highly qualified teachers working to create an individualized education plan tailored to the needs of every child in the pod. We match students with similar needs and group them to create a powerful lesson series designed to maximize your child’s learning. As we further get to know your child, we adapt lessons based on their needs, interests, and abilities.We take the guesswork out of learning by providing you with weekly reports about your child’s learning progress, so if we notice your child is struggling with a concept we can intervene before its too late! 

All of our teachers are hand-selected with your pod in mind. Our teachers are highly qualified certified educators within the United States and are passionate about creating an equitable educational experience for their students. It doesn’t matter if your child is on a pre-existing educational plan, we tailor the instruction to fit them and find the perfect teacher to do it!

Get to know Jessica, our co-founder and one of our amazing educators.

We ask that you skip a class in our app as soon as you know you can’t attend. We won’t charge as long as it’s at least 24 hours before the class. Some exceptions are allowed for certain circumstances.

They are trained educators who are committed to you and your family’s success. They are available for you to ask any education related questions, provide additional resources, or instructional tips for you things you can try at home.

Our Educational Success Partners want to ensure your child’s success whether that is directly with us or not. We are here for you anywhere, anytime.

You decide. We charge $20 per class hour.

– $20 for our one hour class.
– No minimum amount of classes required.

Discounts can be applied based on number of classes taken weekly. 12.5% for 3 or more, 25% for 5 or more.

Questions about additional discounts or special needs? Reach out for a quick, free, consultation with one of our Educational Support Specialists about your needs and we’ll make it work!

Ready for
Peace of Mind?

Give yourself room to breathe and give your children a powerful, social, amazing learning adventure.